March 2013 Newsletter

Photo courtesy of Pastor John Finochio (Crossroads Community Church, Harriston, ON), who visited our church last month for its twenty-third anniversary celebration!

The first hints of spring are beginning to appear in Asheville, North Carolina. After a week of temperatures in the 20’s (and several days spent working outside at the conference center where I work), today’s high in the mid-50’s was more than welcome, especially to this Caribbean boy who has never quite learned to appreciate cold weather.

As the temperatures climb, the warmer weather serves as a reminder that it will not be too long before I will be back in Haiti. Since I will be seeing my parents next week, I went ahead and e-mailed them, asking them to bring the course materials for the classes I’ll be teaching to Virginia with them so I can begin preparing to be a teacher. Truly, it won’t be long now! The month of March will bring several changes to my life, as well as some acceleration to my fundraising efforts.

Two Trips Out of Town

  • March 10-13: I will be attending the A2 Conversation (formerly known as the MFI Southeast Regional Conference) at the House of Prayer in Chesterfield, Va. (near Richmond). My parents have been members of Ministers Fellowship International (MFI) since 2002. The churches in this fellowship are closely in line with ours doctrinally and frequently send ministry teams to Haiti to assist us with conferences. It is always a joy to worship with these brothers and sisters and benefit from great teaching and powerful times of prophetic ministry. As an added bonus, I will get to celebrate my 28th birthday (March 11) along with my parents and my little sister.
  • March 22-24: While attending Asbury Seminary in Wilmore, Ky., I was blessed with a rich network of Christian friends. These friends have invited me back to Kentucky for a fundraising dinner where I will have the ability to explain what I will be doing in Haiti and ask for their support. As I will also be able to catch up with several close friends while I am there, this promises to be a very encouraging trip back to the Bluegrass.

Community Group Leadership

As I raise support for my return to Haiti, I have the continued privilege of serving as a community group leader for my local church (Missio Dei Church in Asheville, NC). Our group of 11 meets on Wednesday evenings to worship and work through the Gospel of Mark. Leading this group has been one of the most rewarding things I have had the opportunity to do thus far in my life.

This month, we are also beginning a partnership as a group with World Relief, a Christian ministry providing assistance and outreach to refugees arriving in the Asheville area from other countries. Volunteers do things like setting up apartments in advance of a family’s arrival, as well as meeting families at the airport and helping them set up their new life — registering their kids for school, obtaining Social Security cards, etc. We are hoping for great fruit to result from serving and connecting with these marginalized people in our city.

Prayer Requests

The month of March will conclude this year with Easter and our celebration as the Christian Church of the hope that the Resurrection of Christ brings. As we continue our Lenten journey toward the cross and the empty grave on the other side of it, I am reminded of the power of the God who raised Jesus from the dead. Knowing this, I just wanted to commit a few prayer requests into your care:

  1. Please pray that I would be able to reach my goal of $15,000 by summer’s end. (To date, I have raised about $5,000.)
  2. Please pray that God would give me greater boldness in sharing the Gospel with co-workers and others here in Asheville who need to know the hope of Easter. Timidity is one of my besetting character weaknesses and I would like to overcome it fully.
  3. Please partner with me in trusting God for the ability to adequately prepare for the classes I will teach and for facility with Haitian Creole and French, languages I have not been required to use in quite a while. This will be quite a transition!

Thank you so much for your time, your prayers, your love, and for reading this! I want you to know I greatly appreciate your support, whether in terms of prayer or financial assistance, or both. My prayer is that the God of Easter fill you to overflowing this month through his Spirit with his resurrection power!

Sincerely, your brother in Christ,
John Adams

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