May 2013 Newsletter

The Classes I’ll Be Teaching

Pictured above is the textbook I will use to teach my General Epistles
class in Haiti. Several years ago, when I was a student at Portland
Bible College, I took a class on Hebrews that forever changed the course
of my life. Hebrews has since become my favorite book in the Bible and a
reference point for my walk with Christ. It is a dream come true to be
able now to teach it to others. The funny thing is that the class was
randomly assigned to me by one of the Haitian administrators, who had no
idea how much that book meant to me. I’m taking it as another small
nudge from the Lord that I’m on the right track.

$8,500 To Go

With three months to go, I am a little less than halfway to my goal of
$15,000. I have raised about $6,500 and I need $8,500 more. I now have
covered the cost of transportation to Haiti, as well as all housing
expenses for the year. The remaining funds I am trying to raise will go
toward paying back my parents for transportation and food costs
incurred, as well as my obligations here in the States, such as student
loan debt. Will you partner with me?

Article on

In early April, four friends from my church in Asheville and I traveled
to War, West Virginia, in one of the poorest counties in the United
States. We really had no set plan other than to walk around and talk to
people as the Spirit led us. The trip seemed to be one divine encounter
after another, however, and I really felt the Holy Spirit knit my heart
to this depressed Appalachian community. (a web portal which
is part of the publishing wing of Asbury Seminary in Kentucky)
graciously agreed to publish a summary of our trip. (You can read it by clicking here.) We will be traveling back up there June 22 – 29. Your prayers would be greatly appreciated.

Prayer Requests

  • I was in Shepherdstown, W.V., this weekend attending my sister Deb’s
    graduation from Shepherd University. It was great to see her reap the
    harvest of her years of hard work. Please pray for her as she
    transitions into the working world and begins to seek out her vocation.
  • Last Sunday, Abdul (an Iraqi Muslim refugee with whom I have been
    working through World Relief) accompanied me to the church I attend in
    Asheville. It’s difficult to tell what kind of impact the Gospel had
    (there is a language barrier that probably prevented him from
    understanding everything in the sermon), but I am grateful that he
    trusts and likes me enough to visit where I worship. Please pray that
    God would open his eyes to see the glory of Jesus Christ.
  • My grandmother was recently hospitalized. The doctors found that she
    had excess fluid around her heart. She seems to be doing better and
    they’ve moved her to a rehab facility near her home, but I would
    appreciate your prayers on her behalf as well.
  • As the time draws near, that $15,000 mountain is looking more and more
    daunting! Please pray that I would be able to reach the summit before
    summer’s end. If you would like to donate online, please go to and click the yellow “Donate” button, or mail a check to:

    John Adams
    261 Waynesville Ave.
    Asheville, NC 28806

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