Three Months In

forkintheroadSaturday will make three months since I came back to Haiti. At points, it’s been awesome and at other points it’s been tough, but whether the going has been smooth or a bumpy ride, it has flown by.

Next week is Finals week for my students. Once that’s done, I’ll be hitting the books hard to be ready to teach Revelation (the most difficult book in the Bible) next semester! On December 15, my best friend from Haiti, Gary will be getting married, and I will have the great privilege of being a groomsman in his wedding. In January, my sister will be getting married in West Virginia and so I’ll be heading to the States as well.

At some point soon, I’ll also make a decision about whether or not to come back next year for another year of teaching. I ask you to pray for me as I enter that decision-making process.


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