Healing Haiti?

growthFour years after a 7.0 earthquake that killed 200,000 people and left Haiti’s capital city in ruins, an encouraging World Bank annual report could be an indicator of brighter days ahead.

  • “Of the 1.5 million internally displaced people, over 1.3 million have left the camps and relocated.”
  • “Economic growth is estimated to have reached 4.3 percent in fiscal year 2013, up from the 2.8 percent observed in 2012. This has been mainly attributed to a pick-up in agricultural production [a crucial element in any recovery — a Haiti that is whole is a Haiti that can feed its own people], as well as the construction and industrial sectors particularly the textile and garment industries.”
  • “Inflation for fiscal year 2013 is estimated to have reached 4.5 percent.  This improvement is partly explained by lower price pressure of imported food products as well as greater supply of domestically produced food.” [Another piece of good news considering that inflation was around 7% just a couple of years ago.]

At Rehoboth Ministries, we have prayed for the healing of Haiti for years. While it is important to be cautious–and while Haiti certainly has a long way to go–we have endured so much bad news over the years that any good news is is a shot in the arm by comparison. God can heal nations (2 Chron. 7:14). My eyes have seen Haiti sick, and I hope one day that they will see Haiti healed.


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