Rounding Second

ROUNDING SECONDYesterday, my students took their final exams in Revelation. For a first-time teacher tackling a tough book, I think I did pretty well. The students did well, too. They were sharp, inquisitive, and fun to teach. They did a great job of breaking me in.

This is the midpoint of the semester; next week, we’ll be moving on to a class on the Synoptic Gospels and six weeks from now, the semester will be over. Two weeks after that, our students will graduate and I will be free for the summer. To celebrate, a couple of my friends (one from Asheville, N.C., for five days and one from Sacramento for three weeks) are flying down, one after the other, to visit Haiti for the first time! After they leave, I will be flying out on June 25 to spend the summer in the States. Please pray that I would be able to get good medical care when I get back: I have been experiencing chronic fatigue that isn’t too severe, but I would still like to find a solution to it before coming back to Haiti. Also, please pray that I would stay focused on Jesus and on the Gospel as I round second base and start sprinting toward home.

P.S. My summer schedule is wide open at this point. If any of you would like to invite me to your church or small group or rare bird society to share about what I do, I would be more than happy to do so. (I also accept summer cookout invitations pretty much without exception. Just saying.) Even if you’d just like to hang out and catch up, I’d love to see you! Shoot me an e-mail at adams -dot- john -at- gmail -dot- com.


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