Cap in Hand

Lenny FosterIn a post a few months ago, I wrote about the awkwardness of being asked for money on a regular basis (“To Give or Not to Give“). Now that I am back in the States, however, the tables have turned. Summertime is fundraising time, so now I am the one asking other people for money once again. It feels weird, and not just because I’m the one going around hat in hand. It’s also that the scale of what things cost vs. people’s spending power is so much bigger here. In Haiti, ten dollars is a lot of money to most people. In the U.S., ten dollars barely covers lunch. Whereas $60,000 could easily feed our schoolchildren a hot lunch every day of the week for a year in Haiti, the suburban megachurch I attended here last Sunday had raised more than that for a new video projection system and wasn’t even close to reaching its goal. As a missionary in such a context, it can be discouraging to see one’s calls and e-mails go unanswered and one’s support dropped.

Asking for money never gets any easier, but the Lord takes care of his own. On Monday, I sat across from a gentleman at Starbucks who has been amazingly generous to me, though I was a near total stranger to him. A few others have quietly slipped me a “handshake donation.” Various medical expenses I’ve had to address have cost a pittance thanks to an amazing health insurance plan that only costs me $20 a month. My parents’ summer landlord paid me forty bucks to tar his roof. Also, I’ll pay half as much in airfare to Haiti this time around thanks to a friend in the Dominican Republic who will let me stay the night and shuttle me from the airport and to the bus station the next morning. I am grateful for all of it.

Would you like to be the next link in the chain? As it stands, I need $5,723.09 to “reset the meter,” so to speak, back to $15,000 for another year of teaching. If you would like to cover all or part of that need, please click the yellow “Donate” button on the right side of this page or at


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