2020 Vision: Scholarships for the Bible School Class of 2020


John 3:16 in Haitian Creole

This past week has been Spring Break for our Bible school. The students are enjoying a week off from their labors as the temperature and humidity begin to inch upward once again toward summertime levels. As the class of 2016 makes one final push toward graduation this June, we are thanking the Lord for his faithfulness over the last year. Thanks to his grace and your support, all eleven of our students were blessed this year to receive a full scholarship upon payment of 25% of their outstanding debt.

  • In 2015, we raised $2,832.45, well more than the $2,200 ($200 per student per year) we needed in order to offer a full scholarship to all eleven of our students. As a result, teachers were paid on time and  improvements are already in the works, including the renovation of a room that will soon serve as an office and library.
  • In 2016, we have raised $320 so far. Added to the $632.45 surplus, we currently have $952.45 available for scholarships for students for the upcoming year.

This fall, we will be taking in a new four-year promotion (the class of 2020). We do not yet know how many students we will have, but the last three promotions had six, seven, and four, respectively. I would personally like to see us hit ten new students this year, meaning we would need about $2,000 more to cover tuition this year. If you would like to partner with us this year, you could put a student through Bible school for less than the cost of a pizza every month ($20). There are two ways to give:

  1. Mail a check to: Rehoboth Ministries, c/o The Lord’s Table, P.O. Box 11049, Goldsboro, NC 27532. Make the check out to the Lord’s Table, and be sure to write “BIBLE SCHOOL SCHOLARSHIP” on the check. (Due to the fact that PayPal takes a 4% cut of all online donations, we would prefer you use this option if at all possible.) One hundred percent of what you give will go to covering students’ tuition.
  2. To donate online through PayPal, click here and then click the yellow “Donate” button in the right-hand column. Enter the amount you would like to give and tick the box to make your donation a recurring payment.

Mèsi davans (thanks ahead of time) for your support!


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