Bible School Scholarships

IBAG logo 06 with fruit-03Slowly but surely, we are approaching the end of the first semester here at l’Institut Biblique de l’Alliance de Grâce (Grace Covenant Bible Institute). Yes, you read that right. We’re only to the end of the FIRST semester (which should have ended the week before Christmas) because the political tumult of the last several months forced us to cancel classes from mid-September to mid-November. We’re on course to finish on time, though, by the end of May. In June, we will be sending six more graduates out into the world to be theologically trained Christians serving as pastors, teachers, and a variety of other roles.

This fall, we will be accepting the graduating class of 2024 and we are hoping to attract many new students. To do so, however, we need your help. For nearly all our students, the cost of tuition and books (which help pay our professors) is out of reach. A few years ago, we digitized all our textbooks and loaded them onto tablets which cost only $50, greatly reducing the student cost burden for textbooks. However, students also need help with the cost of tuition. Currently, we are seeking to raise about $300 U.S. per student to make their education as affordable as possible. Since we are hoping for 10 new students, the cost of providing scholarships to the new students, plus the four students in the previous graduating class, is $4,200. (In truth, this sum represents the bare minimum we need to raise since it only covers professors’ salaries and not the other operating expenses we need like employing a secretary, expanding our library, and conducting outreach activities to attract new students.)

Over the next few weeks, I will be introducing our graduates in a series of posts. In the meantime, if you, your small group, or your church would like to commit to sponsoring one of our students for one year, you can do so for only $300 or by making a one-year commitment of $25 a month.

There are two main ways to give:

  • Visit, go to “About” and then “Missions” and click on “Haiti.” At the bottom of the page, click on the yellow “Give Now” button. Make sure to specify “Bible College Scholarships” in the Memo line.
  • If you prefer, you can also mail a check to:
    • Rehoboth Ministries
      c/o The Lord’s Table
      P.O. Box 11049
      Goldsboro, NC 27532
    • NOTE: CHECKS SHOULD BE MADE OUT TO “THE LORD’S TABLE,” NOT to John Adams or Rehoboth Ministries.

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